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Reblog with your favorite song:

2NE1: I am the Best
2AM: n/a
2PM: I can't
4Minute: Volume Up
Akdong: n/a
B1A4: Tried to Walk
B.A.P: Coffee Shop
B2ST: I knew it / I'm sorry
Big Bang: n/a
Block B: n/a
Boyfriend: Don't Touch My Girl
Boys Republic: n/a
Crayon Pop: n/a
BTOB: n/a
BTS: Like It / Coffee
CNBlue: n/a
Eric Nam: n/a
EXO: moonlight
F(X): nu abo
Girls' Generation: Kissing You
Got7: n/a
Infinite: The Chaser
IU: Good Day
JJ Project: n/a
JYJ: n/a
LED Apple: n/a
MBLAQ: Stay / Mona Lisa
Nu'est: Hello
Orange Caramel: Lipstick
Red Velvet: Be Natural
SHINee: Replay
Shinhwa: n/a
Super Junior: U
Sunny Hill: n/a
Tasty: n/a
Teen Top: To You / No More Perfume on You
TroubleMaker: Now / A Girl Who Wants To Have Fun
Topp Dogg: n/a
TVXQ: Mirotic
UKiss: When Love Stops
VIXX: n/a
Winner: n/a

A plump VIP asked TOP for an autograph & said, “oppa, please write “get rid of some fat”. But TOP wrote “you are pretty” for her instead.

Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand. — Sylvia Plath (via feellng)


I wish I was able to forget about you as fast as you forgot about me.

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